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Dermal Fillers

As we age we have a natural loss of fat pads, changes in bone structure and loss of elasticity and collagen. This happens to the entire body but is most noticeably on our face and neck, which are the most exposed body parts to the sun. In addition to the natural ageing process the environment, diet and exercise play an impact in accelerating the process.

At Onyx Aesthetic, our main goal is to bring out the inner beauty of each individual and allow that to reflect on how you feel and perceive yourself in everyday life. We can help you accomplish this with our dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally producing in our skin. There are a number of key benefits for the use of dermal fillers; it’s non-invasive with immediate results, enhances the body and borders of lips, restores volume to sagging cheeks, plumps out wrinkles, reduces nasolabial folds, contours or reshapes facial features such as the jawline and chin, fillers under the eyes, and restores volume and shape to the lips. It is important to find a Cosmetic Injector that has both the aesthetic ability and knowledge to achieve that refreshed natural-looking result.

Essentially, dermal fillers are known as the ‘liquid facelift’ due to their amazing results. At Onyx Aesthetic, we take care to understand the client’s needs. Through a thorough consultation, we listen and then guide clients to the best treatment plan and suitability of products.

Onyx Aesthetic Dermal Fillers

A Wonderful Experience

Joanne's work is amazing! She is a true professional and goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are comfortable and happy. A wonderful experience, thank you!! 🙂

Mehnaaz Khan

Long time client

Jo and her team are great, always professional and friendly. I've been a client at Onyx for about 18 months after having tried a few other local beauty businesses. I suggest you book a consultation with Jo first then make a plan with her to get your skin looking the best it can - I am super happy with my results and will continue to keep coming back.

Sharon Kelly