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Skin Needling Treatments

Skin needling (or micro-needling) is THE go-to treatment for instantly firmer and smoother skin. Loved by beauty authorities around the world, skin needling is known for its incredible ability to deliver real results in overall skin rejuvenation.

At Onyx Aesthetic, we use the TGA approved SkinPen that will ‘stamp’ tiny needles vertically into the skin, which creates invisible micro-injuries to the skin. By encouraging an organic collagen renewal and regeneration response in your skin, your skin will be left fresh, plump, and glowing.

Skin needling can also reduce scarring, stretch marks, blackheads, open pores, fine lines, pigmentation, and more. Treatments are fast and comfortable and is suitable for different areas of the body.

Skin needling is not suitable for all skin types. Book a skin consultation at Onyx Aesthetic to determine whether skin needling is the best treatment for you

Onyx Aesthetic Skin Needling Skin Pen

Skin Needling Treatment

Reveal your skin’s true glow through skin needling by increasing your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and increase the production of new collagen.

The Skin Needling Process

STEP 1: Consultation

Skin needling by itself is already hugely effective by itself. However, pairing skin needling with other treatments can exponentially increase the needling benefits. Infusions, masks, and LED treatments can really penetrate deep into the skin. During the consultation, our skin specialists will guide you through the best combination of treatments to help you reveal your best skin.


Depending on where you are getting your treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to your skin 10 minutes beforehand. The actual skin needling is fairly quick, taking approximately 10-20 minutes to complete the needling process. Post-treatment, we will guide you through important aftercare procedures to ensure that the benefits of the treatment are maximised on your skin.


For truly visible results, we recommend a minimum of three skin needling treatments to build your collagen and elastin initially. Skin needling treatments can be done every four to six weeks. Recovery time for micro-needling is minimal. Expect some redness and tightness for 24-48 hours post treatment before your fresh and glowing skin starts to reveal itself. Avoid make-up and physical activity during this period, and be sure to apply SPF to protect your healing and vulnerable skin!


Peptide Mask (15 mins)
$ 30
$ 50
Sculpted Mask
$ 30
Oxygen Infused Mask
$ 20
Dermalux LED
$ 60

Is skin needling painful?

Yes, it can be a little painful, as the process does involve piercing your skin with needles. However, the needles are very fine, and so the pain is minimal and has no lasting effects. We also apply a numbing cream to your skin before treatment to minimise any pain.

How often do I need to do treatments for the best results?

Initially, we recommend doing at least three skin needling treatments to really boost the collagen and elastin production in your skin, at monthly to six-week intervals. After that, to maintain your skin’s plumpness and glow, we recommend follow-up treatments once every half year at a minimum.

Can skin needling be used to reduce stretch marks on the body?

Yes! Skin needling helps build the tissue within stretch marks through collagen production. This builds up the indentation and reduces the colour of the stretch marks. In some cases, stretch marks can completely disappear.

Can skin needling treat under eye circles?

Yes! Our TGA approved skin needling pen is able to treat the delicate eye area without issues. The results of needling the eye contour is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, a tighter, healthier appearance, and a lightening of the colour in dark under eye circles.

A Wonderful Experience

Joanne's work is amazing! She is a true professional and goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are comfortable and happy. A wonderful experience, thank you!! 🙂

Mehnaaz Khan

Long time client

Jo and her team are great, always professional and friendly. I've been a client at Onyx for about 18 months after having tried a few other local beauty businesses. I suggest you book a consultation with Jo first then make a plan with her to get your skin looking the best it can - I am super happy with my results and will continue to keep coming back.

Sharon Kelly