Frequently asked questions

Why is consultation required

To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness of our treatments a thorough understanding of your concerns, expectations, skin types, and medical history is important for every single treatment offered at Onyx Aesthetic

Do I need to shave before my laser hair removal session?

It is vital to shave the night before a laser hair removal treatment to ensure that a quick and painless treatment is done. It is not possible to do your hair laser removal without having shaved prior to appointment.

Does laser hair removal work on all skin types?

At Onyx Aesthetic we use the latest technology the Gentlelase Pro-U which is effective only on skin types 1-4. To find out your skin type at Onyx Aesthetic we use the Fitzpatrick scale to ensure that our laser is suitable to you.

What areas can be treated with laser?

All areas of the body can be treated with the GentleLase Pro-U

I missed a laser appointment can I continue my course?

It is important to rebook as soon as you know that you cannot make your appointment. Hair is always growing at three different stages anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and telogen (resting). During the anagen phase the hair follicles are most receptive to the laser light as they are rich in protein and melanin. The result of a single laser hair removal procedure will largely depend on the amount of hair in the treated area is in anagen phase. This is why multiple laser hair removal treatments are required to achieve the ideal result.

I exposed my skin to the sun can I still do my laser session?

Due to the melanin in your skin already being under trauma from sun exposure, it is important to reschedule your laser treatment for two weeks after sun exposure. Winter months is the best time to do your laser treatments.

Is laser expensive?

Laser is the cheapest, fastest, most effective and least invasive method for permanent results. It requires little to no maintenance after initial course treatment. Once treatment is complete clients will be required to go on a maintenance program.

Is laser and cosmetic injectables suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers?

At Onyx Aesthetic we do not treat clients who may be trying to conceive, are pregnant or breast feeding with our laser or cosmetic injectable treatments. No research has been undertaken with these treatments due to the possible risk of harming your baby.

How many treatments needed?

Depending on the treatment you will be receiving at Onyx Aesthetic, a consultation will guide you on how many treatments are required. Laser hair removal usually requires 4-8 treatments, pigmentation 1-4 treatments, vascular 1-3 treatments. For cosmetic fillers depending on the results our clients desire will take several treatments over a few years, anti-wrinkle injection treatments require top-ups every 4 months to ensure effectiveness.

I am under 18 years old can I get cosmetic injectables?

Does to the policy held by Onyx Aesthetic we will not treat any client for cosmetic injectables under the age of 18, even with the permission of a parent or guardian.

I am taking Roaccutane for my acne can I get laser treatments done?

Due to Roaccutane side effects of light and heat sensitivity, it is important to not expose yourself to light based treatments. This is to ensure your safety and no permanent damage is done to your beautiful skin.

How long does it take to see the results from the DermaFrac?

You should be able to see an improvement of skin texture and vibrancy with the initial treatment. The best results will become visible after 4 to 6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. The condition of your skin will improve over the next 6-12 months after a course of treatments, especially when combined with the recommended post treatment care.

Why do I have to buy skin care?

At Onyx Aesthetic we want you to have the best quality treatments that is maintained to improve your skin. It is vital that aftercare is provided to the treated area to maintain and improve results. Regular homecare treatments will assist in every treatment done at Onyx Aesthetic to be the most effective. Unfortunately not following a strict skincare regime can result in no result, disappointment by you and no clear treatment plan by us at Onyx Aesthetic to assist in fixing your problematic area.

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Great service, very professional and caring of client needs. The registered nurse is very invested in achieving the best results! Would absolutely recommend to others and I’ll be seeing them in a month for my next laser hair removal appointment.


I just wanted to say thank you to Joanne and her team for helping me get my skin back on track. My skin worsened over the last year because I had been lazy with my skincare regime. I was treated with a tailored skin treatment in the clinic and was recommended to start using Aspect Dr products at home. My skin has never felt better! It has come a long way with no breakouts, congestion and redness.


Never need to shave my legs for summer again, and my husband doesn't need to shave his chest either! Laser hair removal, best in Revesby, is the way to go. Thank you Onyx Aesthetic for all your help - Summer body here we come!

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